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About Us

We are a family with a long history in the cannabis industry.  My husband is a second-generation farmer and our children are now proud, third-generation farmers who work side by-side to make our dream a reality.


Our family is the most important part of our lives, aside from our loving savior, Jesus.  We are unique in that my husband and I have 17 children.  Yes, 17!  (Perhaps, I should have considered saving this detail for the closing statement, since the 17 children is a tough act to follow!)

Cannabis has been a good majority of our occupation for many years.  We have had the privilege and opportunity in the exploration, research, and development of this amazing plant.  We started out several years ago opening a medical clinic as an outreach to help folks in need of medical relief.  An entire book could be written by simply containing the many stories of people that cannabis has helped not only physically, but in many situations emotionally and mentally, as well.  Needless to say, we had an up-close personal look at the potential this plant has.

In 2017, we detoured from our comfort zone, took some time to redirect our energy, and applied our experience, skills and resources to jump head first into the hemp industry.  You may have picked this up by now, but it seems it is in our nature to "go big" in everything we do - hence, the 17 children...

This proved to be profitable in that we now have successfully farmed, harvested, and properly cured hemp material.

We also have extensive knowledge in industrial hemp seed production, giving us an abundance of seeds for the industrial farmer, or the breeder looking to develop his own strain, and even the gardener who would like to grow enough for their personal use and needs.

Finally, with much time and care, we have developed several CBD hemp products that we are excited about and certain will be widely loved by consumers all over the world.

Welcome and thank you,

Justin and Tonya Pitts, Owner/Manager