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This  revolutionary flake is true hemp and an amazing addition to any product development.  You will be blown away with this product!

Our CBD flake is unique as it is NOT infused.  It is made from whole hemp flower offering all the plant's health benefits.  The hemp flower has been meticulously cured, along with ground-breaking drying techniques resulting in a flavorful commodity that steeps, disperses and blends all of its components without compromising the full value of the whole hemp plant. 

We have had much success in using it as a supplement and adding to smoothies, coffee, tea, spaghetti sauce ... you name it!  It can likely be added to your diet or any product of choice.  There are unlimited uses!

It is fully compliant, has a rich cannabidiol profile, is easy to measure and handle, and can be used as a base for most uses. 

Price = 1 pound/ $500, with FREE shipping!

COA available upon request.
Reviews: We have had wonderful results, with many returning customers boasting its outstanding effects.  Consumer recommendation: 21 and older. 

Federally compliant hemp.